CEC Accreditation

The CEC Accreditation Process

CEC Approval

Getting your workshop approved at CEC/CEU status can greatly help increase your sales and most importantly give you a very strong professional edge. Depending on the industry you are in, CEC approval is always possible, but never guaranteed. We at Achieve Academy help provide you the tools you need to get approved.

Nationally Accredited Bodies

Continuing Education Credits are provided by the nationally accredited bodies to allow their students to maintain certification status. They review education, have different criteria and award education programs just like your continuing education status if you meet their requirements. Requirements are different based upon what industry you are in, and you can review that information below.

We Provide Recommendations

We also provide recommendations ongoing to help you get approved. Use our CEC templates and you will impress. We also will write a letter of recommendation for you and provide other outstanding resources. You can review the FREE resources that are on this website, or you can hire our education leader to help you every step of the way.

What if my class/workshop is not approved?

Market It Anyway

Approval is a benefit and not a requirement. You can write education, sell it, market it, and grow your success without it, if necessary. We will help you with the necessary information based upon what industry your workshop/education services.

Improve It

We can also continue to improve it, assemble a Board of Directors, and implement other educators into it to help meet the requirements. We will help you through these steps to create your genius!

How do I get my education approved for Achieve Academy to sell it for me?

Request Achieve to Affiliate

If you are interested in Achieve Academy becoming an affiliate for your program, simply go to AchieveAcademyPro.com and fill out the short form to apply to get it approved for us to affiliate and sell it for you. Our education department will review it and be back with you within 10 business days on average.

With Approval, See It Everywhere

If approved, we sell it on our website, give you the opportunity to have a table at our conferences, put it in our rolodex and catalogs, and help create a high-level brand around it and sell it for you. It is also inserted as a recommended program for our 1000s of Achieve Systems members.

Write Your Programs Business Plan

Go to the Achieve Members Resource Center and use our template to write your business plan.

Many programs can charge between $97-$1000 per workshop.

We will help you determine a price that is competitive and right.

In order to do this, you want to write your business plan to sell your program and become successful.

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