Write a Course!

Writing an education course can be one of the best things you do for your business.

We call it creating your genius!

Become An Achieve Academy Member

When you become an Achieve Academy Member, we provide you a template to write your course. You will simply go to our members only portal, answer questions on 4 different forms, read a Write an Education Program Manual, and we will then set up an online template for you to write each section.

Create Your Program

This is brilliant because it allows you to set up the structure of your program first, before you dive in to writing the content or simply putting it in. We recommend a module system where you write one incredible section at a time leading to creating your GENIUS!

4 Online Forms to Create Your Course

The 4 forms have important questions that make you think critically about what you will write, and it provides structure and flow for not just someone reading your program but for you or anyone else to be able to teach it.

Easy to Use Template

After you fill out the 4 forms, we will set up a template for you that has been CEC approved 1000s of times that the accreditation boards love. You will then have a standard online mentorship program as you write it, and you even have the opportunity to hire our education leader, Eric Goodman, PhD, If you need additional help.

Platform to Teach Online

After your course is written we will provide you tools to teach it online, LIVE in person, or whatever way you wish to deliver it. We also offer a comprehensive technology division led by leader Noelle Peterson with everything you need to take it to market.

It's Time to Sell Your Program

Achieve Academy helps you sell your program, markets you in their materials and sets you up for success.

This is a $12,000.00 value provided for all Achieve Systems members FREE.

Yes, you can write unlimited programs using our templates for FREE.

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