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by Eric Goodman Ph.D.

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Transform Your Knowledge into Impact with Our Expertly Crafted Program Development Services

Ready to make your mark with your expertise?

At Achieve Academy, we craft educational experiences that inspire and transform. We’re not just about sharing knowledge; we’re about impacting lives.

Impact and Enlightenment
Through Education

Your knowledge has the power to inspire change. With our streamlined strategies and systems, you can empower others through your programs. Let’s reveal your inner brilliance and educate to empower.

Expertise Meets Impact in Our Program Development Services

Achieve Academy is where your knowledge becomes an enriching experience. Whether you're aiming to share your wisdom through a training program, workshop, or online course, our tailored and structured services are designed to set you apart and pave your path to success.

Impact, Inspiration, and Enlightenment

Each person is here to create an impact in their unique way. Teaching your expertise can change the world, one learner at a time. We are committed to helping you maintain your inspiration, offering easy-to-implement actions and systems for course creation. Together, we can unlock the brilliance within and empower others through education.

At Achieve Academy, we understand that sharing your knowledge isn’t just about education—it’s about creating a ripple effect of empowerment. Join forces with us and step into the realm of transformation where your unique genius meets our expertise in creating educational experiences that resonate, engage, and elevate.

What Our Satisfied Clients Are Saying: Will Your Story Be Next?

Advanced Program Design with Eric Goodman, Ph.D.

Program Design Template

Only $79

Dive into the essence of your vision with our Program Design Template. A proven process awaits to guide you through crystallizing your "why", identifying your audience, and sculpting the perfect delivery method. Your journey to clarity and impact starts here.

Program Audit Enhancement

Only $599

Perfect for refining and elevating an existing program. Let our experts dissect and enhance your content, ensuring it resonates deeper with your audience and amplifies your impact. A thorough audit today means a more powerful program tomorrow.

Personalized Program Design Creation

Only $2,399

Start building your workshop! This offer includes live consultations and a program design outline tailored to maximize learner engagement.

Comprehensive Program Development

Only $9,999

Embark on a journey of creation with our all-inclusive support. From ideation to execution, get hands-on assistance in crafting compelling, engaging content that not only captivates but also ensures learner success. Transform your vision into reality with our comprehensive suite. This includes content and multimedia along with the development of up to 10 modules.

Achieve Tech Custom Course Builder

Only $699

Customize and deploy your educational content by utilizing our educational technology expertise to create your program in Achieve Tech, including module development with multimedia integration and marketing funnel setup.

Achieve AI Assistants

Only $399

This includes 2 MONTHS of unlimited access. Enhance your business efficiency with Achieve AI Assistants, offering unlmited access to tools for developing business plans, creating your bio's, speaker sheets, setting up your website and more..

Achieve & Innovate: The AI Business Workshop

Only $299

Explore the potential of AI for your business in our Achieve & Innovate Workshop, where you'll learn effective techniques to leverage AI and transform your business processes.

Innovate, Execute, and Achieve: AI Business Combo

$499 (save $199)

AI Business Combo (Assistants + Workshop) Combine practical learning with strategic execution with our Innovate, Execute and Achieve: AI Business Combo, offering full access to our AI Assistants plus a seat at our exclusive business workshop. See our website for the workshop schedule. ensive suite. This includes content and multimedia along with the development of up to 10 modules.

All In One Platform

Your Course Creation and Business Needs

all in one place!

Education Professional Technology Leader


over 50% Discount off the $179 MSRP for all Achieve Academy Members - Incredible!

AchieveTech can host your course, offer video hosting, assessments, drip option and downloads for participants.

It is also integrated with a CRM for email marketing and communicating with participants.

Take payments for courses.

Also includes: Funnels, Websites, Text Marketing, Social Media Posting, Forms, Calendar booking and pipeline management

Expand Your Reach with Custom Offerings

In addition to our core services, we're excited to offer bespoke solutions tailored to your unique educational goals:

Certification Approval Support (CECs/CEUs)

Navigate the complexities of certification with ease. Our team will guide you through the process of obtaining continuing education credits or units for your program.

Custom Program Development

Tailor a program that fits your vision perfectly, with options to include personalized coaching to ensure your success.

Develop a Train the Trainer Program

Empower others to teach your curriculum with a program designed to train instructors, ensuring consistent and impactful delivery of your content.

Online Course Development

Leverage the power of digital learning with our expertly designed online courses, crafted to engage and educate your audience anywhere, anytime.

Elite Certificate Program Builder

Elevate your offering with a prestigious certificate program, designed to offer significant value and distinction to your learners.

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Ready to transform your knowledge into a powerful learning experience?

Whether you're looking to refine an existing program or build something entirely new, we're here to support your journey every step of the way.

For a consultation or to learn more about our custom offerings, text “Custom Academy” or email. Let's bring your genius to the world together.

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